Monday, July 27, 2009


Closely observe the nature..... everything in nature has a rhythm... listen to voice of flowing river, listen to voice of birds in the morning, listen to a breeze, and we human being also like things which has rhythm, we are born like that...
Why kids like to swing, why a normal human being loves music, why we like to swim in water for hours, why we like rides in amusement park....? Closely observe the voice of a person to whom you like to listen alot, beside the content, he/she must have rhythm in his voice tone, the crux is if you want to improve any thing bring a rhythm in that... this rule applies to anything and everything, for example if you add anything 1 which has a rhythm in your daily routine things will improve dramatically. You can add following things
1. Learn to play any instrument or learn singing.
2. Breath with rhythm.
3. Go for swim daily.
4. Exercise.
5. Walk with rhythm.
6. Talk with rhythm.
7. Listen to great music (instrumental)
8. You can have small swinging chair just for relaxation.

Just try this, the result will be all around happiness, calm and relax mind, improved concentration.... dont believe me just try the RHYTHM OF LIFE