Monday, July 14, 2008


In today’s era, when professionalism is at its peak, and both genders are avoiding marriage as far as they can, resulting average age of marriage become around 30 (+/-), No surprises that birth of baby, is not that easy deal anymore. First they have to decide proper age for planning a baby then, at that age maximum couple has to consult their doctor for not having success in fertilization, after that pocket envy treatment, and if your not fortunate enough then, thanks to present medical support like taste tube baby, surrogate mothers or sperm bank are some option but that is also costly affair, but that is not I would like emphasize upon rather after birth of baby actual exam starts for parents. So all current and prospective parents be ready and fasten your seat belt for take off…..
Some tips from not so experience father,,

1. Keep in mind that your utmost responsibility after becoming father is of baby and her mother,
2. Mother becomes extra emotional after birth of a baby, so do not take her for granted.
3. Its being said that first five year love your baby very much, next five year keep strict discipline, and next five become friend of your baby.
4. Most important keep in mind that first 7 year physical growth, next 7 year mental growth and next 7 year emotional growth so behave accordingly.
5. vaccination is vital.
6. Listen to pediatrician.
7. and most important listen to your wife.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New dimensions of life

Life is facing new dimensions, on one hand I have become father of a cute little angel (My daughter 'KRISHNAVI'), Truely she has fought hard to come on to this earth, hats off to her inner strenght, I would like to share one incident that helped me understand that there is definately blessings of devine power upon her, " when my wife was 1 month pragnent, then in my dreams 'bhagwan shri krishna' appeared and he himself said that you will become father of a daughter and world will know her by the name of KRISHNAVI, isn't it great, I had no doubts in my mind thereafter that she will do some thing substantial in her life , OK its one dimension and which one is another ??? My spritiual journey has finally landed where I recognised my Guru, you know, you don't choose your Guru but your Guru chooses you as there desciple, Shri Shri Ravi shanker Ji, the enlightned Guru and humanitarian has choosen me as hia shishya.... and I am greatful to him...... Jai Gurudev