Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review Ishquia

From the very beginning I am following Vishal Bhardwaj, and now I can say that apart from having creative skills, he possess very good sense of business as well. He never neglected the demand of today's youth, neither he under the influence of his own intellectual impression tried to be very correct all the time. He used his creativity in very open way which represent the non filmy presentation of every situation, and that clicks, Even in this film Abhishek Choubey (The director) who represent the same so called bhardwaj style which used to be style of parallel cinema earlier, (shyam benegal type) to reflect the poverty and miserablity, bhardwaj uses this style to express greed, humour, lust and you can use the word dark comedy for his films,
Ishquia is film about strong characters who are non-apologetic about their shrewdness, and vulgarity and they keep the story going by throwing dialogues which hits you like punches, bhardwaj is dialogue writer in this film. Bhopali Dialect in the film is used pretty well and twists in the film never lets you relax for even a minute. Nice different way of presenting a story and all the people who like grounded and earthy way of film screenplay should go and watch this movie. Arshad warsi is spontaneous and chilled out actor whereas naseer played the role so beautifully that some times you dont relalise that this is film. Vidya looked very seductive and it can be lesson for all the other aspiring actresses that in complete cloths one can look more sensuous.