Tuesday, February 16, 2010

निमाड़ी व्यंजन - उख्हलपिंडी

निमाड़ पश्चिमी मध्य प्रदेश का वो हिस्सा है जहा से मै आता हु। ये हिस्सा अपनी भौगोलिक स्तिथि की वजह से काफी भिन्न है। एक तरफ से यह महाराष्ट्र के करीब है वही दूसरी तरफ से गुजरात के भी नजदीक है, इसीलिए यहाँ की संस्कृति में दोनों की झलक देखने को मिलती है, यही हाल यहाँ के व्यंजनों का भी है। आज मै जिस पकवान की बात कर रहा हु उसे उख्हलपिंडी कहती है। बहुत ही स्वादिश एवं ग्रामीण पकवान है। इसकी विधि भी बहुत सरल है।
सामग्री : १ व्यक्ति के लिए
आटा १ कटोरी
बेसन १/२ कटोरी
प्याज १ बड़ा
लाल मिर्ची स्वादानुसार
जीरा १ चम्मच
राइ १ चम्मच
पिसा धनिया १ चम्मच
नमक स्वादानुसार
निम्बू स्वादानुसार
हल्दी १/४ चम्मच
हरा धनिया
पानी १ कप
विधि :
सबसे पहले आटे और बेसन को मिला कर सेंक ले, फिर उसे अलग रख दे अब एक कड़ाई में तेल ले गरम होने पर राइ डाले तड़कने पर उसमे जीरा और कटे हुए प्याज डाले, सुनहरे होने तक पकाए फिर उसमे हल्दी, लाल मिर्च और धनिया डाले थोडा हिला कर उसमे बेसन और आटा मिला दे, धीरे धीरे थोडा पानी दल कर हिलाए, पानी बस इतना ही डाले जितने आटा थोडा गिला हो जाये ज्यादा डालेंगे तो पतला हो जायेगा अब बस नमक मिला दे, उख्हलपिंडी तैयार है, निम्बू और हरा धनिया दाल कर सर्वे करे। पूरा पकवान सिर्फ १५ मिनट में तैयार और स्वाद के तो क्या कहने..... आप भी ट्राई करे और अच्छा लगे तो दाद जरूर दीजियेगा।

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cinema par Excellence!! CASABLANCA (1942)

"Casablanca" opens on maps while a narrator gives a detailed exposition of the many twists and turns of Casablanca in the French Morocco, as a refugee route from wartime Europe...

Rick's Café is the point of intersection, the espionage center, the background for Allied offensive, the focal point as refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe seek to gain exit visas to Lisbon... The interesting club so well organized, leads to an open arena of conspiracy, counterspies, secret plans, black market transactions, in which the games and fights are between arrogant Nazis, patriotic French, idealists, murderers, pickpockets and gamblers around a roulette wheel, where a ball could rest on Rick's command against the settled number 22...

"Casablanca" is an adventure film which victory is not won with cannons and guns... The action, the fight, the war takes place inside Rick's walls rather than outside...

But who is this Rick? What is his magical power? His secret weapon? Rick is the anti-fascist with hard feelings, the former soldier of fortune who has grown tired of smuggling and fighting, and is now content to sit out the war in his own neutral territory... Even loyalty to a friend doesn't move him as he refuses to help Ugarte, a desperately frightened little courier who is fleeing from the police...

Emphatically, Rick says, "I stick my neck out for nobody." But we know he will do just that in a very short time, for into his quiet life comes a haunting vision from his past, the beautiful woman he still loves and bitterly remembers... She is married to an underground leader and she desperately needs those papers Rick conveniently now has in his possession... The cynical Rick's facade of neutrality begins to weaken as he recalls the bittersweet memories of his past love affair, memories triggered repeatedly when the strains of "As Time Goes By" come from Sam, his piano-playing confidante...

But "Casablanca" basic message is a declaration of self-sacrifice... War World II demanded all! The words stated by Rick at the airport had their impact: 'The problems of three people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.' It goes without saying that Bogart is incomparable when he seems most like himself... His way with a line makes "Casablanca" dialog part of the collective memory: 'I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray. You were blue.'

Ingrid Bergman is fascinating as the lovely heroine, the mysterious impossible woman of an impossible love, the tender mood of every man, the love-affair, the quality of being romantic, the traditional woman enclosed by two rivals, symbol of a besieged Europe...

The magic that developed from the teaming of Bogart and Bergman is enough to make a new romantic figure out of the former tough guy... To his cynicism, his own code of ethics, his hatred of the phoniness in all human behavior, he now added the softening traits of tenderness and compassion and a feeling of heroic commitment to a cause... They helped him complete the portrayal of the ideal man who all men wished to rival...

One can look at hundreds of films produced during this period without finding any whose composite pieces fall so perfectly into place..., the music score is inventive, the editing is concise and timed perfectly... Bogart's and Bergman's love scenes create a genuinely romantic aura, capturing a sensitivity between the two stars one would not have believed possible...

"Casablanca" though released in 1942 is still a masterpiece of entertainment, an outstanding motion picture, and must watch for every one.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Yesterday saw movie The Notebook, Its been a long time since I saw a romantic movie so just thought to play The Notebook. The movie starts when rich girl Allie (rachel mcadam) comes to beautiful town sea brook, North Carolina for summers to spend vacation with her family. A poor guy called Noah (Ryan Gosling) sees her and suddenly falls in love, then he just do anything to impress her and got her attention finally and they fell in love and spend entire summer together, this part of the movie reflects the teen age, tender love between them, they do any kind of crazy things and relish the company of each other, but then their background cames in front and they get separated, well what happened after that is full of drama, emotions, betrayal, romance, anger.
The most significant part of this movie is that you see the character grow by the time, and after some time everybody realise that their is difference between physical attraction and LOVE. At the end of the day when you are in love you just want to spend time with your loved one, no matter what, you just want to see her, just want to hold her and you just want to do things she likes, no matter she cares for that or not, in the movie when noah makes promise to build the dream house for allie, he finally makes it even when he knows that allie is in relationship with some one else, but it says that when you love some one set her free, if she is yours she will come back and if she doesn't then she was never yours, and allie finally comes.
The best part is when they get old and allie caught by a disease where she dont remember anything even then noah stays with her all the time and read her all their story, so that everyday even for some minutes when her memory comes back they can be together and love each other, what a great portrayal of true love, and without the great cinematography by robert fraisse the feel of the movie could not have come, he created the wonder with camera. I must say that those who are in love or want to be in love, this movie is treat to watch, ha you may have tears in your eyes in the end though.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Romantic Song by pankaj saraowgi

Love is in the air..... share this with your valentine

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Following are some techniques which I follow, may be useful for you as well. Techniques of Study....
1. Human mind can not remember words, it remembers visuals, so whenever you read something try to visualize it, it may take little time but after practice its easy.

2. Its a common thing that every one understand his own hand writing, and its easier to understand and remember our own hand writing, Rather than printed words because our writing is unique it does not resemble to any other thing, that is why always make notes in you writing and read it later on to recall.

3. Discussions help you understand thing better, so discuss with your mates.

4. Why for many maths is boring ?? actually at school level they only teach you the method of solving question and does not explain about logic, purpose and practicality of that, that's why its boring so human mind always tries to find logic behind everything, so whatever you want to understand find some logic or practical thing with that.

5. Its hard to remember words, but easy to voice, so very good technique is to record every thing in your own voice and listen to it later on, its wonderful.. try it.

6. To remember for a very long time its necessary that you recall it timely, without referring to anything.